So you’ve hired the best female strippers to come by this weekend for that birthday party you’re celebrating at your place. It’s a great idea, a stripper house call is a unique and fun offering to your guests. But there are some things to keep in mind if you want the whole night to go smoothly.

Who’s in Charge?

When strippers come over, you need to have someone in charge. People suddenly get so excited about the girls and the entertainment that they forget to ask for permission or remember house rules, so as the host, you’re in charge. You lay down the rules, and you choose how the right goes, so don’t tolerate any nonsense and make sure the girls have a good time.

Where’s The Party?

Be a good host. This means you need to do some forward-thinking and ask yourself these vital questions:

  • Is there anyone coming who will be offended by the strippers?
  • Are the strippers coming ready or do they need a space to get changed?
  • Will the strippers have space and privacy to perform their act?
  • Will there be refreshments for the dancers?

If you’re doing your party in a hotel or establishment and not at home, keep these additional points in mind too.

  • Is the hotel or owner okay with this sort of entertainment?
  • Are non-guests restricted to certain spaces?
  • If you break the establishment’s rules are there any penalties or liabilities? 

What Services Do You Need?

The dancers need to know upfront what level things are going to go to. This is because not all strippers do full-on nudity, not all strippers offer lap dancers, and not all of them bring their equipment, so be upfront about what you want. Let them know what services you’d like, such as games night hosting, waitressing, or just a performance. This will determine the cost, so don’t spring it on the dancers, they won’t appreciate it. 

Set Down Ground Rules

Before the strippers come, let everyone know what the house rules are. Often the strippers or the agency they work for will send these rules out to you, and it’s important to let your guests know about them upfront. You can have the police called on you, or you can get in trouble with the stripper’s escort, that’s right most house-call strippers come with security nowadays, and you don’t want to mess around with them.

Make Sure No One’s Creepy

Following on from the above rule of telling your guests the house rules, you should warn everyone not to be a creep. Not only is it a bad look, but it’s also embarrassing. It sets a sour tone on the night when one guy keeps trying to feel up the dancers and it can get you in some big trouble, so bypass the drama and focus on having a good time, by just letting your guests know that they should be respectful.

Call Charlie’s Angels

Now that you know how to host a party with strippers, all you need are the ladies. For a guaranteed good time, call Charlie’s Angels in Perth.

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