Including Answers to the Question, “What Kind of Man Turns you Off in a Nightclub?”

When doing research for a book I composed on the best way to get single provocative ladies in bars and dance club, I met more than 200 single ladies in dance club. One of the inquiries was, “What sort of man turns you off in a dance club?” Here are a portion of their answers (a large portion of the ladies had similar answers):

Robin – “One who comes straight up in your face with awful breath. A man with awful personal stench and wrinkled garments. Underestimates things and plunks down without inquiring. One who goes ahead excessively solid.”

Kerry – “One who believes he’s a decent artist, yet steps all over your feet.”

Erika – “The excessively showy sort man. A man who treats me like a bit of meat.”

Valerie – “A man that demonstrations idiotic. He flaunts before everyone. He believes he’s genuine charming. Thinks more about himself than he does about you. Likewise, he comes straight up to you with terrible breath.”

Paula – “A hotshot, a man that believes he’s extremely exceptional, a person dressed cheap, or a bum, a quick mover.”

Susan – “An alcoholic, difficult man. A few men demand that you hit the dance floor with them regardless of whether you state no . That turns me off.”

Gail – “A forward, particularly alcoholic, unshakable man.”

Debbie – “A fat, alcoholic man. A man who believes he’s macho.”

Erin – “An obscene behavior man.”

Sandra – “Excessively ladylike and doesn’t dress manly. A hefty man. A man who is anything but a decent audience.”

Karen – “If he’s excessively intriguing, dresses excessively extravagant (don’t care for suits), and excessively alcoholic.”

Kim – “A person that is excessively pushy and gloats a lot on himself.”

Nicole – “A person that is excessively forward and disagreeable.”

Barbara – “Gay and monstrous men.”

Nancy – “An alcoholic and chaotic man.”

Natalie – “A presumptuous big talker (stood up).”

Gayle – “Short and fat. Genuine arrogant folks who think they are God’s blessing to ladies.”

Peggy – “A man I don’t have a clue about that caresses me and paws at my body. A genuine alcoholic person that lurches up to me and trys to hustle me or hit the dance floor with me. Hefty men.”

Teresa – “The sort that lie and lounge around and boast about themselves. They think they are hot stuff.”

All in all, utilization these meetings as a rule on the best way to behave in like manner at the clubs. You’re not going to score with a lot of provocative single ladies on the off chance that you get things done to turn them off. These meetings can be summarized as follows:

Single ladies like to be drawn nearer in a good way. They for the most part don’t care for the forceful methodology and don’t care to be dealt with like a bit of meat.

Single ladies like well-prepared, fashionable men, with a satisfying character.

Single ladies detest prideful, alcoholic, forward, and large men.

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