Denver is well-known for its diverse population and many historic museums and monuments. Tourists from different places come here to enjoy the scenic beauty and skiing in Rocky Mountains. Since youngsters, couples, and families plan to visit this place they would obviously look for a good nightlife to enjoy. There are many places in Denver to drink, dine and dance. It is just that you should know the right place to get in.

People with limited budget can also enjoy food and drinks in restaurants with happy hour in Denver. Blake Street Tavern was opened in 2003 which is in downtown Denver. It is a traditional sports bar they have unique menu that changes every day, a list of beers, cocktails, and mocktails that everyone cherishes. You can come and enjoy a game on television. There will be many people enjoying the same, but none will feel like strangers.

Every bar and restaurants have their own unique style and presentation. You will surely enjoy if you go with family, friends or with a date. However going to a bar can be expensive, if you follow these few tips, then you can save your money –

  • Don’t order complicated drink because that will surely be expensive, stick with simple drinks like a jug of beer, scotch or whiskey. On busy days, bartenders are often preparing drinks in rush and therefore they might not make a good drink.
  • Instead of ordering imported beer or hard liquor, order beer on tap and house liquor because that is affordable and cheaper.
  • Instead of buying spate shots or drinks for everyone, simply buy a pitcher. This will continue for a longer time and it looks good in front of everyone.
  • Carry limited cash and avoid cards on that day. This is because when you’re high, you just keep swiping card unknowingly and later regret, but you simply put a stop on everything when you run out of cash.
  • Don’t overdrink that you’re high before our friends, but take slow sips or drink ample of water before taking a drink. This way you’ll be full and drink less and always stay hydrated.

  • Look for a bar that gives other activities like games, dance floor, etc. this will keep you busy with other activities and you will drink less. Denver is also known for various outdoor activities, but you will also get fun-filled bars and restaurants that will keep you busy all night.
  • If you know you’ll be the host, then the best way is to choose a day when you get happy hours and surprise deals. At least that will help save lot of money.

You can choose a day and enjoy to your fullest. However, don’t forget to arrange cab or driver for everyone. Don’t let anyone drive after drinking. This is the first thing that you sold remember as a host.

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