Gone are times when strip clubs were dingy places, where most men wouldn’t admit going. Modern strip club and gentleman’s clubs are all about entertainment, and these are managed in the most professional way. If you have never experienced a lap dance with a stripper, it can be a bit overwhelming to plan your visit, but in this post, we have you sorted, so that you can have the best fun at Miami’s most popular strip club. Miami is known for its many strip clubs, and there is something for everyone who wants to experience the fun side of South Florida. Just follow the rules and tips listed below.

  • Find the best places. Expectedly, not all strip clubs are same, so you need to ask around and find a place that has good strippers. Modern clubs are more than just about stage and pole dances. You will find lounges, where you can watch the big game, hang with the pretty girls, and have booze on the go. A good strip club is all about fun, and you will know it the moment you step in.

  • Follow the norms. Guests at strip clubs are expected to tip bartenders, waiters and strippers. If you really want those girls to get close to you, make sure to give her enough. There is nothing called a fixed price for tipping, but don’t go too low, but spend everything either. Also, you are not allowed to take photos of the strippers, and don’t try to ask for numbers.
  • Check for the booze rules. This is one aspect that can vary from one strip club to another. Some clubs encourage BYOB, which means they don’t serve alcohol and you are expected to bring your own booze. Then there are others that have full-stocked bars. Bear in mind that these places make considerable money through alcohol sales, so you are supposed to order time and again.

It is wise to consider table booking for sports and other events. Most strip clubs in Miami have websites these days, so you can check their calendar and find necessary details. Don’t shy away from exploring new clubs, but some are just better than others. Check in advance if they accept plastic money, or else, cash is your best friend for tipping and paying the bills. You can also save more with bottle service that’s offered at many strip clubs.

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