If you are a party animal, you wouldn’t find a reason to sleep in Miami at night! Besides the sunshine and iconic South Beach, Miami is known for its nightlife. You would find most clubs operating all 24 hours of the day, and the food is incredible. In fact, nightlife in Miami’s downtown district remains one of the foremost reasons to visit the city, and if you are here for a weekend, we recommend that you get some afternoon siesta, because nights are going to be long. In this post, we are decoding what it means to have fun in Miami at night!

Find the best nightclubs

A weekend is never really enough to explore the night clubs of Miami, and we would strongly recommend that you check around for clubs that work 24×7. The good news is most clubs here have an eventful calendar, so we recommend table recommendations. Head to one of the full-service bars – many clubs as many as four at one place – and get drunk! If you have the time or would want to see Miami in a different way, find the rooftop bars and splurge the money on your favorite wine. Besides the booze scene, food here is also incredible. May not be as famed the Tex-Mex region, but BBQ food in Miami is worth trying.

Explore Art Deco style of architecture at night

If you have never really experienced Art Deco style of architecture, Miami should be on your list. All Art Deco buildings in the area are lit up, and you don’t have to pay a dime to watch the beauty.  Consider getting the GoMiami Card, which offers access to selected events for free, and there are also many guided tours and walks available, where you can explore a specific form of art. Coral Gables Gallery is a good place to on a Friday evening, because the admission is free up to 9 pm. Another place that offers free entry is Wynwood Art District Gallery on every second Saturday. You can check for timings online.

More to explore

For enjoying the nightclubs, make sure to check online and find events that interest you. Miami is famed for many clubs that allow organizing special parties, so you could simply come to the city to host your bachelor’s party. Don’t miss the Cirque-style theatrical performances that are offered at many clubs. As suggested earlier, book your table/seat in advance.

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