A lot of men hang out in strip clubs. But, even women can have as much fun with clad strippers as the men. Going to a gentleman’s club for adult entertainment in Philadelphia can be a great experience for you and your boyfriend. Dancers can give you some pointers especially in terms of how to seduce your man with an intimate dance. However, if you want to ensure you will have the best time at the club, you must know the following do’s and don’ts as a girlfriend:

Look your Best

Even if there are many naked women in the club, most of your boyfriend’s attention should still be on you. Thus, ensure you dress up and look your best when going to a strip club.

Give a Good Tip

Ensure you bring enough money to have a good time at a strip club. Aside from buying food and drinks while watching the show, you also need to give a generous tip to the dancers. Remember that strippers are there to entertain you and your boyfriend and you can show your appreciation to their effort by giving a good tip.

Be Open-Minded

Men visit strip clubs to live out their sexual fantasies. If you go to a club with your boyfriend, you must keep an open mind to take part and enjoy the sexually charged fantasy world that dancers provide their customers. Always remember that whatever strippers just for fun.

Do Not Group the Strippers

Strippers are also women; however, this does not mean they like other women touching them freely. The main rule every strip club visitor should follow is to just look and don’t touch. This also applies to women visitors. Dancers do not feel comfortable when being touched inappropriately. But, you can ask the stripper if you can touch her if you are curious. It is about respecting and having clean fun. Before entering the club, condition your mind that you are there to enjoy and have a great time with your boyfriend.

Do Not Try to Steal the Show

You can dance with the strippers if you want; however, do not go to the stage and hog the pole as if you are one of them. This is particularly an important thing to keep in mind if it is not a private show. If you try to steal the show, other customers might get distracted, reducing their chances of making the most out of their visit.

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